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Low Cost. High Quality. Hemp Ingredients.

A bulk supplier of both organic and natural hemp ingredients, including hemp protein, hemp seed, hemp seed oil, hulled hemp seed and whole toasted hemp seed. The Budget Hemp™ Brand represents value for the money. We are more than just a group supplying hemp products. We are working closely with our Canadian neighbors to bring America the health and vitality they deserve with a simple little tiny seed.

This hemp seed can be processed into oil, protein or simply just hulled seed. With a variety of uses for manufacturers in the food, cosmetic and dietary supplement business.

We make it easy to order. One cost and no frills. We include the customs and shipping fees in the total cost of the product to make it a simple process of ordering.

We are proud to serve Budget Hemp™ brand hemp. Non-GMO in both natural and organic varieties. To learn more about our hemp visit our corporate site www.realhemp.com

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